The Springdale School District, the state’s second-largest, helps set the standard for educational excellence in the region. More than 22,000 students in grades K-12 are served on 29 campuses throughout Springdale. Eighteen elementary schools, four middle schools, four junior high schools, four high schools, plus pre-kindergaten and alternative learning centers comprise the school district’s physical plant. The Springdale School District has an excellent educational team that is supported by parents, patrons and business community members who value education and demonstrate their partnership with the schools. The Springdale Don Tyson School of Innovation is a technology-rich STEM School. The district boasts the highest teacher pay in the state, and it is nationally recognized for its top-performing students and dedicated teachers. Springdale Schools provide a quality instructional program which is designed to help each child reach their full potential. Academic programs of study give students a rigorous educational experience which will enable all students to learn the skills and acquire the knowledge necessary for them to succeed.

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