Two NanoMech Products Win 2019 Edison Awards

Springdale’s NanoMech Industries has been named a two-time 2019 Award Winner by the internationally renowned Edison Awards. NanoMech received the awards for two of its innovative products – AtomOil and AtomLube.

The distinguished awards, inspired by Thomas Edison’s persistence and inventiveness, recognize the top in innovation, creativity and ingenuity in the global economy. NanoMech has been honored with a total of five Edison Awards, an achievement never before accomplished by an Arkansas-based company.

“This is an important recognition and award of one of our most breakthrough patented products ever,” said James M. Phillips, chairman and CEO of NanoMech Industries. “The best motor oil additive on the market immediately improves the performance, efficiency and sustainability of every vehicle of any type on the road or water today. AtomLube is the next generation product to combine three premium grease options to a single grease solution.”

The AtomOil conditioning treatment, which utilizes the company’s patented nanomanufacturing processes, improves horsepower and mileage, provides excellent friction reduction and extends the vehicle lifetime. The AtomLube all-purpose grease is designed specifically for an extended range of applications such as general purpose, heavy-duty machinery, automotive, trucking and transportation, and agriculture. It can also be used for marine applications which are environmentally sensitive.

“AtomLube is engineered using principles of nanomanufacturing to offer the top range in high-temperature performance, longer service life, water resistance, rust and corrosion protection, extreme-pressure resistance, low coefficient of friction, and anti-wear properties,” said Dr. Arpana Verma, chief science officer at NanoMech.

NanoMech, headquartered in the Springdale Technology Park, is focused on patented platform nanomanufacturing technologies that offer a broad range of high-value market opportunities. The company’s products have applications in high-level energy manufacturing, machining, lubrication, highly durable and sustainable protective multi-functional coatings for metals and textiles, as well as consumer products, oil and gas, marine, racing, heavy-duty trucking, automotive, aerospace, electronic vehicles, and strategic military applications.