We’re proud of who we are and the people and businesses that make our community a special place.

If something needs to be accomplished, we'll find a way to succeed.

That's what we mean when we say "We're Making It Happen!" Everyone's "it" -- their own unique script in the Springdale story -- is different and equally important.


We're a culture of makers and doers. We create, build, fabricate and manufacture. Northwest Arkansas knows, when you want something built, you go to Springdale. Some may call us blue-collar, and we are, but we're a whole lot more. No matter what business we're in, our mentality is the same - work hard! It's been here for generations, it's in our blood and it will always remain.


Revolutionizing the poultry industry, developing new ways to education our young minds, innovative advances in nanotechnology and medical diagnostics -- Springdale possesses a level of inventiveness unparalleled by most communities.


Our ancestors first settled on the banks of Spring Creek. Beaver Lake wouldn't exist today without the vision of key Springdale leaders. Water is a vital part of the founding of this city and a big part of our future.


Our diverse community is made up of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities and all walks of life. The result is an eclectic mix of residents who thrive and create, each making their unique mark on our city.

Take a minute to watch a video that captures the essence of
who we are and how we came to be...


Springdale Through Photos

We've created an online album of photos representative of the best of Springdale. These images capture the many visitor destinations we have to offer, our schools, parks and businesses.

It's an ever-changing collection but one we encourage you to link to and share!

We're Making It Happen in Springdale Photo Album