State Sales & Use Tax

If you are a vendor located within Arkansas, you are required to register under the Gross Receipts Tax Law. A $50 nonrefundable fee is required. It will take approximately eight to 10 working days to process the application. The permit will be mailed to the address listed on the application. For more information on Sales and Use Tax, visit the Revenue Division's online contact:

Forms and additional information are available online from the Arkansas Revenue Division Sales & Use Tax Section.

Employee Records

Employers are required to maintain records on wages, hours and other items. Information regarding labor laws is available online from the Arkansas Department of Labor.

Miscellaneous Tax

The Miscellaneous Tax Section handles various areas of taxation for the Revenue Division, including but not limited to: Cigarette Tax, Tobacco Products Tax; Cigarette Paper; Wine, Liquor, and Beer Enforcement; Amusement Tax; Soft Drink Tax; Merchandise Vending; Beauty Pageant Registration Fees; Beer and Liquor Tax; Domestic Wine Tax; and Waste Tire Fee.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation insurance is mandatory in Arkansas if you have at least three employees. The economic development professionals of the Springdale Chamber can assist you in identifying local insurance companies that provide this type of insurance. For additional information about state requirements, contact the Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission.

Withholding Taxes

Employers are required to withhold tax from wages of employees who work within the State of Arkansas. An employer or withholding agent is required to register by completing a registration packet from the Arkansas Withholding Tax Section upon hiring the first employee.