The Springdale Public Facilities Board manages two conventional industrial parks zoned I-1. A heavy industrial park is divided into four regions. A light industrial park is platted and available for businesses requiring less than three acres.

All sites are located along Old Missouri Road/Ark. Hwy. 265 and north of U.S. Hwy. 412.

Available below are links to aerial photos indicating property lines for each site. Economic development professionals at the Springdale Chamber of Commerce are available to answer questions and provide additional information about these properties.

Old Missouri Road Site

Available Acreage: 24
Rail Access: Yes
Latitude:  36°11'45.47"N
Longitude:  94°06'52.70"W

Mountain Road Site

Available Acreage: 20
Rail Access: Yes
Latitude: 36°11'30.25"N
Longitude:  94° 6'38.47"W

Monitor Road Site

Available Acreage: 13.25 (10 & 3.26 acres)
Rail Access: No
Latitude: 36°11'23.33"N
Longitude:  94° 6'9.98"W

Northwest Old Missouri Road Site

Available Acreage: 87
Rail Access: Yes
Longitude: 94

Turnbow Avenue Light Industrial Park

Available Acreage: 33.3 in 14 platted lots
Rail Access: No
Latitude: 36°10'45.86"N
Longitude: 94° 6'43.39"W