Beaver Lake and the Beaver Water District is the plentiful source for water for Springdale and Northwest Arkansas. More than 50 years ago, visionary community leaders, led by Springdale businessman Joe Steele, got together to discuss the need for a long-term supply of clean, safe water for Northwest Arkansas, establishing the Beaver Lake Reservoir. The dam that created Beaver Reservoir and the first water treatment plant were completed in the mid-1960s. Since that time, the District has expanded facilities and improved to keep up with increased water demand and stricter drinking water standards.

Springdale Water Utilities (SWU) operates and maintains the public water and sewer systems in Springdale as well as portions of Lowell and Johnson with water service  to the Elm Springs and Bethel Heights.  SWU is managed by the Springdale Water and Sewer Commission, which was formed in 1963. Springdale Water, which purchases water treated by the Beaver Water District, is municipally owned and is a non-profit organization.  Revenue from the sale of water is used to operate and maintain the water distribution and sewer collection systems, including storage tanks and pump stations. 

  • Water
    Plant Capacity: 140 mgd
    Avg. Daily Use: 15 mgd Peak Use: 27 mgd
    Base Rate: $5.84 (minimum)
    Cost/1,000 Gallons Over Base Rate: $2.82
    Elevated Storage: 1 mg Ground: 25 mg
    Pressure in Mains: 50 psi
  • Sewer
    Type of Treatment Plant: Advanced Biological (Tertiary)
    Plant Capacity: 24 mgd Present Load: 50%
    Sanitary Sewer: Yes, Sanitary Sewer Coverage: 75%
    Storm Sewer: Yes, Storm Sewer Coverage: 100%
    Basic Rate: $5.05 (minimum
    Cost/1,000 Gallons Over Basic Rate: $2.92
    Solid Waste Disposal Type: Landfill
    Residential: Yes, Commercial: Yes, Industrial: Yes


Natural Gas