Northwest Arkansas Regional (XNA)

The Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) is one of the nation's top regional airports.

XNA offers non-stop jet service to Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York, Newark, Orlando and San Francisco.

Airlines serving XNA include American, Delta,  United and Allegiant Air.

Springdale Municipal

The Springdale Municipal Airport (ASG) is a city owned, general aviation airport conveniently located to U.S. Highway 412 and Downtown Springdale. Located one mile southeast of the city center, the airport occupies 221 acres.

One runway (18/36) measuring 5,302 feet in length, is served by a full length parallel taxiway on the west side and a partial taxiway on the east side. Runway 18 is served by a ILS precision instrument approach, and both runway ends are served by non-precision instrument approaches. Airspace in the vicinity of the airport is controlled by a part-time air traffic control tower.

A full service fixed base operator (FBO), Summit Aviation, provides aircraft servicing, including both 100LL and Jet-A fuel. Aircraft storage is provided by t-hangars, corporate hangars, as well as apron tie-downs. Several prominent area businesses generate a significant amount of corporate air traffic. In addition, several aircraft charter operators are based at the airport. The airport features a full service restaurant, Flaps Down Grill and onsite vehicle rental is also available through Hertz Rental Cars.

Airport Information

Classified as an Aircraft Approach Category B, an Airplane Design Group II, airport A B-II classification means that the airport is designed to accommodate all aircraft up to and including those that have an approach speed less than 121 knots and a wingspan less than 79 feet. (FAA Form 5010)

  • Fixed Base Operator (Summit Aviation) - 479-751-4462
  • Runway length: 5,302.5 feet long and 75 feet wide
  • Published weight limitations:
    1. 35,000-lbs (single wheel)
    2. 50,000-lbs (duel wheel)
    3. 90,000-lbs (duel tandem wheel)
  • East Taxiway is 30 feet wide and centered 275 feet from the runway centerline and has 3 connecting taxiways to the runway
  • West taxiway is 40 feet wide and centered 200 feet from the runway centerline and has 6 connecting taxiways to the runway
  • Runway 18 displaced threshold: 363 feet
  • Runway Frequency: 118.2
  • Ground Frequency: 121.6
  • AWOS Frequency: 124.675 (479-750-2967)
  • FBO UNICOM: Frequency: 122.95