A major indicator of a state's business climate is its tax structure. Arkansas, Washington County and the city of Springdale offer one of the nation’s lowest overall cost of doing business, providing us a competitive edge in the world market.

Sales and Use Tax

State 6.5
Washington County 1.25
Benton County 1.00*
City of Springdale 2.00
Total 9.75
Springdale A&P Bed Tax 2.0

* a portion of Springdale is in Benton County

Corporate Income Tax Guidelines

Personal Income Tax Guidelines

Sales and Use Taxes Guidelines

Corporate Franchise Tax Guidelines

Unemployment Insurance Tax Guidelines

Personal Property and
Real Estate Taxes

The State of Arkansas does not have a property tax; however, Arkansas cities and counties do collect a property tax, which is the principal source of revenue for funding local public schools. 

The tax is calculated based on 20 percent of the truer market value of real and personal property and the average annual value of merchants' stocks and/or manufacturers' inventories based on millage rates in individual school districts. Business firms and individuals are subject to annual property tax on all real and personal property.

Current millage rates for real and personal property in Springdale, Washington County and the Springdale School District are:

City of Springdale 5.70
Springdale School District 40.50
Washington County 6.00
Total 52.20

The 2014 millage rate for Springdale is 52.2.

In figuring real estate tax use this example: A home is taxed on 20 percent of its assessed value. For a home with an assessed value of $100,000, its tax liability would be 20 percent of that or $20,000.

Multiply the total millage rate (52.2) by .001 to determine the millage percentage (.0522). Multiply the assessed value of the property ($20,000) by the millage percentage (.0522). That figure is your estimated tax liability ($1,044).

Assessed Value x (millage x .001) = Tax Owed
$20,000 x (52.20 x .001) = $1,044